Thursday, June 26, 2008

Review of Zanetto CD at Audiophile Audition

Steven Ritter has written a new review of the recently published Zanetto recording (with Jennifer Larmore, conducted by Peter Tiboris) at Audiophile Audition. Overall the reviewer loves the opera and he writes of Larmore:
"I have a great deal of trouble imaging the title role sung better than Larmore does here."
Indeed I think that Larmore is the best part of this recording. It is a shame that Eilana Lappalainen, as Sylvia, was not up to the challenge.


paul w. evans said...

To say she is not up to the challenge is an understatement. One wonders why she was ever even considered for the role (and I had the misfortune of seeing her perform it live in NYC) - Ms. Larmore shines, as usual. I hope they paid her double-time!

Wim Jansma said...

I considder Zanetto as the most coherent works of this maestro. Its indeed 100% Mascagni from the beginning to the end. This great high and sharp violinwaves ! The pathos. I love this little opera.
The most beautiful recording is the old LP recording of june 26, 1969 Rai Milano with the great Giuseppina Arista as Zanetto and the lovely Pina Malgarini as Silvia. Some years ago we visited the street in Florence where the story took place and later on the theatre of the music-school in Pesaro in which the premiere was.
Nice remenbrances !

jowdjbrown said...

I have decided to take on even more ambitious audiobooks. Today, I purchased Don Quixote which will fill 35 CDs, and Ulysses, which will fill video